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Writing the story:

Economy is one of the most important elements of DST. One of the best way to write economically, and at the same time vividly, is to master the skill of showing, as opposed to telling. Simply put, encourage students to write using “observations” instead of “inferences.” We experience the world through our senses, and effective storytelling is achieved through creating vivid pictures with words. Instead of telling the audience, “I was scared” an effective narrator shows fear with observations such as “sweaty palms,” “shaking knees,” and “trembling arms.” Figurative language such as simile, metaphor, and personification, are always welcome.Once again, peer revision is critical at this stage.
Another key factor in good story writing also stems from Economy. Encourage students to omit much of the background information, and focus on the "kernal" of the story. Most audiences can figure out what's happening without all of the excess information. Remember, if the sentence does not directly relate to answering the Dramatic question or sipporting a Point, it can be omitted.

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