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Stories from Recent Workshops

Fairfield High School, June 2009

Lou Ann Morrison survivor.wmv A triumphant statement over a formidable foe.

Anne Collier Life Complete.wmv A poetic reflection on a blessed event.

Pam Robbins Mom32.wmv A declining parent's health makes us consider our own mortality.

Mary Musgrave Wild Green onions.wmv A sobering reality that makes us all look in the mirror.

Melissa Bradham Life as YOU know it!.wmv A powerful illustration of how kids mirror our own lives.

AND her second story:Grandma's Yard.wmv

Laura Skorch MemDay.wmv A unique method for teaching history...and much more.

Linda Vaughan Jeff 2.wmv Pondering the future, based on the past.

Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to Southern Illinois. Our four days together were truly remarkable. Let me know about your successes and challenges with DST. Jon

York High School. June 2009

David Collins Madduxpayton.wmv Reflections on becoming a father

Emily DeNatto freedomwalkers.wmv An intro to a great book

Victoria Lessard Poland17.wmv Revealing how great travel is about our companions

Marie Nateras scrapbook2.wmv How scrap booking creates memories

Sally Rice explore10.wmv A mistake turns into a career change

Cynthia Smith-Jans Heroes8.wmv Exactly what IS a hero?

Barbara Ahlgrim JourneyonJustin.wmv A poetic tribute to a son

We weathered the storm and learned a great deal together...and even delved into a little Web 2.0. Keep me posted on how
it goes! I really enjoyed working with you all!

SASED, Aurora University, August, 2009

Kirsten Allen WeddingStory16.wmv A loving and heartfelt memory of a wedding day.

Rachel Bettis Not your ordinary snow day16.wmv A snow day turns into a day that this teacher will nevver forget.

Lisa DeSanti Luca Born5.wmv Celebrating a blessed event: through the eyes of Luca, a newborn baby boy.

Laura Eck Sara9.wmv Will she ever get her new dog back?

Karen Evans Karen's story.wmv A self-effacing, at times humorous look at every parent's nightmare: "Where is my daughter?"

Azucena Garcia Philadelphia14.wmv The narrator learns to empathize with and admire her boyfriend's mom.

Cheri Johnson 7710.wmv A revealing expose about the horrendous treatment of big cats

Kristin Pergande 2288_final.wmv The Dream...nightmare...and reality of owning a home.

Marilyn Sakosky dottie.wp321.wmv A fond tribute to a dear kitty.

Jesus Serna Jackie's Story.wmv WIll Jackie lose the cell phone and embrace the wonder of Yellowstone?

Lynn Thielsen lostglassschool 13.wmv Using DST to familiarize a student to school...via a story about a girl who can't find her glasses. Note: during the black screens, Lynn "signed" the narration for the benefit of her hearing-impaired students. Creative use of the tool!

What a great way to end the summer! I really enjoyed working with you all and seeing your stories develop. It was great to see
many more creative possibilities of DST. As usual, I probably learned as much as you did! Thanks! Jon

TIDE Aurora University class: August 5-6 2010

Colleen Ballard fortystory3.wmv Turning 40 need not be depressing.
Cindy Bucci graduation10.wmv A sweet and sad tribute to a special graduate.
Lisa Domino Ido14.wmv When it's right, you just know it...
Brian Fudacz final version.wmv Would one of his kids inherit his addiction for waterskiing?
Cynthia Harris ACoinInTheFountain9.wmv Returning to Italy: With someone she loves.
Sharon Holt Jacob.wmv Reaching out to a near stranger.
Catherine Jarosz Thelittlefeet4.wmv Inside the head of a marathon runner.
Jennifer Kujawa Oahufinal.wmv The many facets of an Oahu hneymoon.
Pam Molina Flood22.wmv The devastation of a flood: but what about the cleanup?
Kristi Piatek jackson baseball final.wmv A son's love affair with the National Pastime, and friendship.
Motti Pikelny motticolorblind.wmv Embracing the yoke of colorblindness.
Julie Podulka angels landing unintended hike6.wmvOn their 30th anniversary, they take a leap of faith.
Elizabeth Schmitz 57th Day 10.wmv Fond memories of a frenetic kindergartener.
Kim Stansbury HelicopterRide10.wmv The trials and tribulations of going vertical in Kauai
Jennifer Wozney ellie5.wmv Would she be able to handle the responsibility of a puppy?
It was truly enjoyable working with all of you "overachievers." Thanks and let me know how you're doing!

TIDE Aurora University class: Fall 2010

The Piano by Laura Parat.wmv



METC Precon: February 14, 2011

Bob Dillon Digital Story.mov

Amanda Austin A Friday the 13th to Remember 10.wmv

Lanice Hill MyPhotoStory6.wmv

Deanna Thompson 5 Pig Story.wmv

Michelle Peterson A_Gift_Peterson.wmv

Sherry Teson Blizzard 2011 Priceless steson.wmv

TIDE Aurora University class: summer: 2011

Carla Axt-Pilon New Year's Eve 14 AxtPilon.wmv
Deanna Bloom Upstagedbylunch6.wmv
Sara Tomasevich Tomasevich Final Photostory.wmv
Kathryn Cruz Uganda Cruz.wmv
Lucy El-Badawi Elbadawi Paris.wmv
Michael Farthing chicago_Farthing.wmv
RJ Kasicki GrindstoryRJKasciski.wmv
Marina Kasicki GreenhornKasciski.wmv
Laura Kuhrau Girardfinal Kuhrau.wmv
Cyndi Montero Mi niñez 33.wmv
Steve Penley A Second Chance10 by Penley.wmv
Jean Raimondi Full Circle Raimondi.wmv
Gail Trainor Welcome to America 9.wmv
Amy Wlodek-Holland HoneymoonstoryFinal.wmv

Thanks for a great workshop. I really enjoyed working with such an energetic group! 14 stories...and we finished on time! Whew!

RIch East English Department: August 11-12: 2011

Amy Bloodgood And No One Saw Bloodgood.wmv WIll I find my son?
Jennifer Christiansen The Green Teacher Christiansen.wmv They never taught us how to deal with these students.
Christine Drabick The Gift Drabick.wmv The special relationship with my gramma.
Liz Hitchcock Pixie Hollow Hitchcock.wmv My daughter becomes Tinkerbell
Cynthia Johnson Warwick's Getting Married Cindy Johnson.wmv Surviving cancer? NP. Speaking at my son's wedding? YIKES!
Marisa Ptak New+Summits+Ptak.wmv Friendship and yummy snacks while enduring a hike with the "bluebloods."
Lenore Rendina The Girl on Tina Lane Rendina.wmv Was it the move, or was it growing up?
Ted Spaniak Lord_of_the_Ring.wmv Culture shock...and a ring.
Stephanie Tijerina No Regrets Stephanie Tijerina.wmv Finding love after a 20-year reunion. Seriously?
How wonderful working with such a close-knit, positive group of teachers; you should be proud of your accomplishments. Despite a few "issues" and 1 and 1/2 fire drills we really made some magic! Thank you! Jon