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D.S.T. Sites

Center For Digital Storytelling


The Art of Digital Storytelling

Bernajean Porter's "Digitales"

Stories for Change

Microsoft's DST resources

Wes Fryer's DST Page

Pangea Day Stories from all over the world...truly remarkable

BBC's "Capture Wales"

University of Houston "Educational Uses of D.S.T." page

Jason Ohler's Web Page

Tech Head Stories

Electronic Portfolios

The University of Minnesota DST Site

Clow Elementary School, Naperville, Illinois

Helpful creation tools

Flickr Storm Great place to find images. Remember to use "tags" and to select the appropriate licensing.

Idee Labs Do a Flickr color search and lots more!

Cool Iris Search Flickr and Google images together.

Pixlr Online image editing

Behold Search High quality Creative Commons Flickr images quickly

Sounddogs Need a sound effect?

Freeplay Music Royalty-free music for soundtrack

CC Mixter Royalty-free music for soundtrack

Audacity Download this free software for audio recording and manipulation

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