Staff training. Interested staff members will serve as a pilot group to learn the process. In the pilot group, several departments should be represented including teachers, administrators, librarians, and tech specialists. Usually, a 1-2 day workshop with someone trained in digital storytelling is enough for educators get the hang of the process, create their own story, and brainstorm possible classroom applications. Most workshops consist of five phases: Finding your story, drafting and revising, collecting and preparing images, storyboarding, and digital editing. Also, it’s a good idea to view many of examples from a wide variety of subjects. The Center for Digital Storytelling is the Mecca for DST, and Joe Lambert and his staff provide expert training with state-of-the-art equipment. However, a five-day trip to Berkeley for ten faculty members might be out of the question. Instead, consider contacting a local experienced DST trainer. Downers Grove Illinois H.S. Dist 99 and the Niles Illinois H.S. District are currently very active in using DST in their curricula

In a pinch, a half-day workshop can serve to familiarize staff with the process. A good topic (Thanks to my "tech mentor," Dave Jakes) is to have participants create a thirty second "Priceless" commercial a la Mastercard. Here's my first attempt. Be gentle.

Ok, So it's more than thirty seconds, but you get the idea. Here is the link in case you want to download it.
priceless short 2.wmv

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