Staff Development for D.S.T.

“We’ve been working here for an hour. Am I in the right room? I signed up for Digital Storytelling…but we still haven’t turned on the computer…”

Whenever I conduct a DST workshop, I usually get this reaction from participants. Digital Storytelling is one of the most powerful, yet misunderstood applications for the classroom. If your district is deciding how to develop staff to take the plunge into the “movie” world, you need to begin by clarifying one point: Digital Editing is not Digital Storytelling. We use Pinnacle Studio in our district, and I often am asked, “Could you teach me that Digital storytelling program?” Now, I know what they mean, and I’m happy to teach them the ins and outs of the program; however to say Studio (or iMovie, or Photo Story 3) is “Digital Storytelling” is like saying Word is a “research paper” program. Now don’t get me wrong, digital editing software is a powerful tool for students (and adults) to create professional grade hi-light films, visual scrapbooks, film-making endeavors, and numerous other projects. However digital storytelling is a process that culminates in digital editing. If you decide to explore staff development for Digital Storytelling, congratulations! You won’t regret it!

Staff Training

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Logistical Concerns

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