Software/ peripherals First, the editing software you select is determined by a variety of factors: format, price, and student (and teacher!) ability level. For Mac users, the popular choice is iMovie. For PC users, bigger is not necessarily better. Adobe Premier is the standard for professional editing but is costly and very complicated. Pinnacle Studio 9+ offers a good mid-priced product that is relatively user friendly, but still very powerful. Make sure to download all the patches. Note: I recommend staying away from Version 10 until the kinks get worked out. Moviemaker comes loaded on XP machines and is easy to use but it has one major weakness—only one audio track is available. You get music OR narration. A relatively new addition, Photo Story 3 is a free download from Microsoft that is also intuitive, and powerful enough for most DST applications. This is my choice for DST.

Access to scanners becomes critical, since students will be bringing in hard copies of photos that need to be “digitized.” A critical issue is the topic of headsets.I cannot over emphasize the importance of purchasing NOISE-CANCELLING microphones. In a room of thirty students all recording voice over, noise-canceling mikes are essential. Standard mikes, although less expensive, require isolation to reduce bleed over. If cost is a huge factor, I would recommend buying fewer headsets, making sure that they are all noise canceling. (Have I said “Noise-canceling” enough?)

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