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Production and presentation: “ show time!”

For a story to be a story, it must be shared. At minimum, classmates should view all stories created. I tend to make quite a “production” of the whole experience. Students spend a moment introducing the story, and after the film and a hearty round of applause classmates give positive feedback to the storyteller. DST is also a great medium for presentations to literary clubs or even at an all-school assembly. The people at Niles District 219 have created "Digital Stories.org"as a venue for viewing and posting digital stories. This allows students to post their stories to the world. Give it a look; it’s quite impressive. Also, with the advent of You Tube, all students can, and should, publish their stories.
For educators new to DST, the task can appear daunting. Following a few strategies will help students get started. Once they get the idea, there’s no stopping them.

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