Other Helpful Handouts

Joe Lambert's Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling 7 elements of dst.doc
Christina Baldwin's ideas for stories Mining for Stories.doc
A template for Digital storyboarding Storyboard template 06.doc
Tips for harvesting images from the web New tips.doc
A D.S.T. Peer revision Worksheet final peer revision.doc
Sensory observation vs. evaluation Show dont tell.doc
Ideas and Lessons for Elementary Students Ideas and Lessons for using movies in the primary classroom.doc
DST Learning Targets learning targets2.doc
DST Checklist Digital Storytelling Checklist.doc
Ripping music fro a CD Ripping CD Music using Windows Media Player.doc
Self assessment of written story Self assessment.doc
A simple DST rubric rubric.doc
Another Rubric for final projects Digital Story Rubric.doc
Narrative rubric for written stories narrative rubric.doc
A Sample schedule of the DST process in the classroom Schedule Nov 05 Revised.doc

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