Logistical concerns When DST gets “unleashed,” a school usually goes through some growing pains. The two major issues are time and space. Teachers could easily spend weeks working on a single project. But with computer time as precious as it is, this is impossible. Much of the drafting, revising, and storyboarding can be done before even coming into the lab. With regards to space, depending on the software and the method of saving, these files can be deceptively BIG. In Studio 9, for example the finished, three-minute product file may be only 150 k. However, when that file is rendered to a Windows Media file, it balloons to nearly 10 Meg. The reason is because the original file consists of links to images and audio files the final product contains the actual images and sounds. In contrast, Photostory 3 files end up being about only 3-5 Meg. (Yet another reason I use it!) This need for space can cause your network person incredible stress. Saving rendered projects to flash drives, teacher web pages, or CD’s can alleviate some of the storage issues.

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