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Joe Lambert (Photo: Flickr cont. jdlasica)
In August 2004, I traveled to Bekeley California to take a workshop on something called Digital Storytelling. I thought wow, Berkeley, the "Center for Digital Storytelling" how impressive. When I arrived to the address, I had to double check my scrawl on the paper. Yep, this was it. But this was no "center." It was a small store front on an unremarkable street in Bohemian Berkeley. Upon entering, I noticed about a dozen computers ("Mac's" I thought...eeesh!) and a bearded man in shorts and a madras shirt cutting bagels. "Hi, I'm Joe." he said, wiped the cream cheese off his fingers, and shook my hand.
What happened in the next four days impacted my teaching more than anything I have ever done. I had begun learning the art of Digital Storytelling from, of all people, Joe Lambert. Joe and his partner, the late Dana Atchley, along with many cohorts, have created the genre of D.S.T. What I brought back from Berkeley that summer still continues to impact my teaching as I continually strive to comprehend the power of story.
I have included many of the tools I use to teach D.S.T. to my students and other educators on this site. Please feel free to browse, explore and use what you like. If you are also a user of D.S.T. I would love to hear from you. jorech@csd99.org
Below is an intro I play at workshops. It isn't a "story" per se, but instead is a series of images and quotes that explore the wealth of people and the power of story that surround us. Quotes are taken from Christina Baldwin's book Storycatcher.


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