Great Storytelling

I learned a great deal from Joe Lambert about the art of storytelling. I took what I learned and applied it to what I already knew about narration. With regard to topics, there are two types of stories that are popular with students AND can be a real trap. The first is the "vacation story." Avoid the dreaded "first we went here, then we went was AMAZING!" The other is the sports story which follows something like this: "We worked really hard and won the big game." While these are events that happen to most kids, they don't really reveal too much about character, or disclose much about personality. Now, if the vacation or the sports team serve as a vehicle to share how the speaker has changed, that's another story...and can be a quite good story for that matter.

But I digress.

Keeping the following in mind when writing leads to richer stories with deeper meaning.

Creating action with powerful verbs

Show, don't tell

Omitting the background

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