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LOTS more teachers' stories on the Workshops page.
Teacher-Created Stories from some of my workshopsWoodson1.wmv WIll this really be Woodson's home?Woodson1.mp4
Salad Soup 10.wmv Are the rumors true about Gypsies?Salad Soup 10.mp4
Would I embrace my heritage? greek GroupMP4.mp4
largebadmintonstory.wmv Will I ever like my Grandpa?largebadmintonstory.mp4
Mstandsfor.wmv What gets me through hard times?Mstandsfor.mp4
biketrip7.wmv Would we survive the family bike trip?biketrip7.mp4
Lulu and Betty8.wmv (Story generated by first graders)Lulu and Betty8.mp4
Uncle Larry 18.wmv Would he survive the war?Uncle Larry 18.mp4
40s.wmv Would I catch a 40" pike?
pricelessshortpositive2.wmv An English teacher's Lament (Great for teaching SHORT DST) priceless short
priceless short 2.wmv ( a more cynical ending)

Sample student-created stories
High School Students' StoriesBlake.wmv Will Mom ever let me babysit my sister? Blake.mp4Dumlao.wmv WIll I get 10th place?mpactof911 11.wmv Is it cool to say the Pledge of Allegiance?Impactof911 11.mp4
rabbitstory.wmv Will Dad buy me the rabbit?rabbitstory.mp4
Earthworms.wmv What makes him tick?Earthworms.mp4
Fish.wmv Do I dare to swallow a live goldfish?Fish.mp4
mi abuela.wmv Can I go on without her?mi abuela.mp4
pedro5.wmv Will I follow my cousin's lifestyle?pedro5.mp4
Robert 6.wmv Can it be repaired?Robert 6.mp4
Keepfighting20.wmv Will my sister survive?Keepfighting20.mp4
Williams winter.wmv Will my brother be ok?
williseethem10.wmv Will I get out of this alive?williseethem10.mp4
remember29.wmv Can I make a difference in their lives?remember29.mp4
Blackhawks lesson.wmv Whose invitation do I accept?Blackhawks lesson.mp4
A Winter's Blessing.wmv Do I have to go help these people?A Winter's Blessing.mp4
divorce10.wmv Would I survive my parents' divorce?divorce10.mp4
Big Mistake.wmv Should I dye my hair?Big Mistake.mp4

Grade school students' storiesKindergarten "Winter" Story3My_Aunt_Marilyn_sm.wmv (3rd grader) 3My_Aunt_Marilyn_sm (1).mp4
6Mr._James_sm.wmv (6th grader)
6midnight_sm.wmv (6th grader)
Middle school "Defining Moments" collection
Link to some great stories by my DST pal in Austin, Texas, Juan Orozco Link to Tricia Fugelstad's (master of teaching DST to elementary kids) students' StoriesClow Elementary School, Naperville Tattle TalesPersonal story/Documentaries: Health ClassNon-Communicable Diseases: Thanks To Deb Brunsepilepsyby nelson.wmv
als final.wmv

Peliculas en Espanol: Thanks to Diana BoukalLas Luces de Las Noches de Los Viernes.wmv
Amor Del Sabor Naranja13.wmv

Digital Documentaries("Behind the Music" Documentaries on Protest Songs)emmitt till.wmv

Stories of immigration by ELL Students: Thanks to Kathy KlaerenTomas.wmv