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"Spectacle is a low form of dramatic engagement. There are many instances when it's useful in shaping broad brush messages that have singular meanings. However, public speakers usually have a more nuanced and complex intention for their messages. ...The spectacular uses of multimedia damages or obscures the message that the presenter was trying to put across." Joe Lambert

Spectacle is spawned from the want of story.What we're up against:

Can it serve a purpose? Yes, but it is NOT Digital Storytelling
My Views on Animoto

True Digital Stories

Great Examples from StoryCenter.org

How do we prevent Digital Spectacle?

Write, Share, Write, Share.Explore and embrace the synergy between words and images."City Stories" (Doing it the "write" way)
Find your story:Mining for Stories (Christina Baldwin)
Two Traps: Vacations and Sports
Story Circles

The Writing Process:

Matching Images to Text

Image Manipulation

Purposeful Movement


A progression:

Read the story:Wild Green Onions.docx
Listen to the story:

Watch the story:


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