Why Digital Quill?

I live for contrasts, and revel in juxtaposition. What do you expect from an English major who happened to play college football (Or was it a college football player who happened to major in English?)? So it comes as no surprise that my approach to DST resides in writing. There is no substitute for the therapeutic, at times cathartic, joy of revealing story and making meaning the old-fashioned way: with paper and pen. That’s the “Quill,” which connotes a time when storytelling was an art that everyone could participate.
The contrast comes from the “Digital” part. Once a storyteller has the verbal tale completed, it can reach full bloom with the addition of images, voice, soundtrack, and a bit of judicious visual creativity. While I enjoy the tech. aspect, we must remember that the “Digital” is subordinate to the “Storytelling.”
Thus, Digital Quill. I hope this site is helpful!

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